AYT’s Aladdin

Following a series of devised, small-scale productions at Arden Youth Theatre, we are taking on our best challenge yet. Our first major production! Aladdin.

This will be a huge step for our bright stars, being the first production not written specifically to the strengths of our performers; a real exercise in acting, singing, dancing, tech, and other skills learnt over their time at AYT, and a chance to develop new skills along the way.

While the older group travel to the blistering deserts of Agrabah, the younger group will be setting sail on a nautical adventure in a new original production, ‘The Briny Buccaneer’.

Whether toe-tapping their way through three wishes, or hunting for buried treasure on deserted islands, we hope our young performers have fun while they develop their skills, and that you continue to support them in their creative journeys.

The theatre is a magic place, with or without genies.

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Outside Edge

The outrageously funny farce by Richard Harris!

29th June- 2nd July